Digitise your dental lab with us

An all-in-one digital solution for any dental lab.


Access all the essential tools to manage your lab orders.

  • Better case management
  • Seamless order logging
  • Automate end-of-month billing instantly

Get world-class customer support anytime you need it.

  • Seamless communication across all channels in real-time
  • Speak directly with our lab technician 
  • Continuous training with our software

Your partner for digital solutions.

  • All-in-one digital dental solution for any dental lab
  • Easy ordering experience
  • Lower remakes and fewer adjustments
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Easy to navigate technology.

  • Designed with user comfort in mind
  • Get full access to our easy-to-use platform
  • Create and track your order in real time

Manage cases digitally & grow your dental lab.

Improved integration

Collaborating with an end-to-end partner can reduce disputes and
eliminate the challenges of coordinating with multiple systems that may not be designed to integrate seamlessly.

Optimal performances

With GreatLab, you get an effortless workload flow, lower remakes, fewer chair adjustments, and overall less chair time per client.

Better team engagement

Our team is always within reach via phone, text, or email, making day-to-day operations run seamlessly and ensuring a more responsive and reliable workflow.

Why Choose GreatLab?

GreatLab offers an easy-to-use dental lab management software that empowers a dental lab with a super client portal, helps automates receiving orders from all scanners & systemises the workflow of the lab.

Effortless Order Management

Never lose track of an order again. Our platform provides an easy-to-navigate dashboard to manage all your orders effectively.

Dentist Alerts

GreatLab.io fosters seamless communication with dentists, allowing your lab to have automated communication notifications with the dentist to reduce your admin.


Automated Reporting

Our LMS automatically generates comprehensive reports, helping you understand your lab’s performance and areas for improvement.

User-Friendly Interface

Designed with dental lab people in mind, GreatLab.io is easy to learn and use, ensuring a smooth transition for your entire team.

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